Is It Likely For Granite Or Marble Countertops To Develop Cracks?

Cracking Up: Granite or Marble Countertops?

So, you’re thinking about getting granite or marble countertops because they’re fancy, durable, and add major value to your home, right?
But hold up – did you know that even these tough cookie countertops can end up with cracks?
Let’s spill the beans and dive into why and how this could happen.

Granite Countertops:

  • Improper Installation: One big reason granite countertops might crack is if they weren’t installed right. If your countertop isn’t level or lacks proper support underneath, you’re basically setting up a stress party for that granite slab which can lead to cracks eventually.
  • Heavy Impact: Sure, granite is strong, but drop a heavy object on it (especially near the edges or corners), and you might just end up with a crack as a not-so-fun surprise.
  • Thermal Shock: Picture this: you put a hot pan on your cool granite countertop. Bam! That rapid change in temperature can result in thermal shock, giving your countertop a one-way ticket to Cracksville.

Marble Countertops:

  • Scratches and Stains: Marble is softer and more porous than granite, so it easily gets scratched and stained. While a scratch might not crack it right away, over time, these little wounds can weaken the marble, making it prone to cracking.
  • Chemical Damage: Beware of those harsh chemicals and acidic stuff like lemon juice – they can mess up your marble countertop by etching and weakening it, paving the way for potential cracks if you’re not careful.
  • Improper Care: Forget to seal and care for your marble countertop?
    Moisture can seep in, expand, and contract with temperature changes, causing those unwanted cracks to set up shop.

But hey, don’t freak out just yet! With some TLC, both granite and marble countertops can live their best crack-free lives. Get top-notch materials, hire pros for installation, and stick to the care instructions given by the manufacturers – these simple steps can help you dodge the crack bullet and keep your countertops looking spiffy for years to come.

Long story short, while there’s a chance your granite or marble countertops might crack under certain circumstances, it’s all about knowing the risks and taking steps to prevent it. So, weigh the pros and cons, think about your lifestyle, and decide if these beauties are a match for you. With a little awareness and some preventive action, you can rock those granite or marble countertops without any cracks stealing the show!

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