What Level Of Traction Does Granite Flooring Provide?

Is Granite Flooring Slippery or Safe to Walk On?

Granite flooring is super tough and can handle a lot of hustle and bustle in busy places like shops or homes. But when it comes to how grippy it is, there are a few things to think about:

Surface Finish

  • Polished: Smooth and shiny, polished granite can get slippery when wet.
  • Honed: Matte and less slippery than polished, honed granite is a safer bet.
  • Flamed or Brushed: Textured finishes like flamed or brushed offer better grip, ideal for places where slipping is a big no-no.


Sealing granite not only keeps stains away but also affects how slippery it is. A sealant can make the surface less slippery by protecting it from spills and moisture.


Keeping granite floors clean is key to preventing slips. Dust and grime can make the surface slick, so regular cleaning is a must.


How you use the space matters too. Kitchens and bathrooms with polished granite floors might be riskier due to water exposure, while textured granite in lobbies offers better grip.

Thinking about these factors when picking granite flooring is crucial for the safety and comfort of everyone around. Choosing the right finish, using sealants, keeping it clean, and considering how the space will be used can help make granite flooring safer for everyone.

For instance, in a hotel lobby where it’s always busy, textured granite can keep folks on their feet, especially on rainy days. In a kitchen prone to spills, honed granite with a good sealant can keep things safe.

Knowing these bits and bobs about granite flooring can help make smart choices that keep everyone safe and sound.

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